000-017 Foundations of Tivoli Process Automation Engine (Exam 2)

000-017 Foundations of Tivoli Process Automation Engine (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which application is used to create additional work types for each work order class?

  • Which factor is considered when creating a location system?

  • A customer needs to migrate data from their legacy system into Tivoli process auto...

  • What are the required data elements to create a new Key Performance Indicator (KPI)?

  • How many Security Groups can be defined?

  • Which property must be specified in maximo.properties?

  • Which two tasks can a user perform from Report Administration? (Choose two.)

  • Which database configuration element is used to validate an attribute's values?

  • What is the batch size in the Migration Manager application? Company.com

  • Which data element is required to create a new site?

  • A Service Request workflow requires that a DATASET role use a relationship that se...

  • When the Migration Manager is used to deploy packages from one environment to anot...

  • Why are classifications associated with stored records?

  • Which data elements are required to create and activate an organization?

  • A client operates a multinational corporation with operating units around the worl...

  • Which classifications are valid?

  • A client has three plants, two of which have common GL accounts. Which structure b...

  • A customer needs to send e-mails to end users whenever they submit a service reque...

  • Which factor would normally be considered when developing a primary location hiera...

  • A customer would like end users to be able to submit service requests to multiple ...

Nov. 30, 2016
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