000-283 Foundations of IBM Cloud Computing Architecture V3 (Exam 3)

000-283 Foundations of IBM Cloud Computing Architecture V3 (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • If the middleware is included with an OS image in a cloud computing environment, w...

  • Click the Exhibit button.Which capability is needed to address requirement 4 shown...

  • Which security capabilities are part of the Cloud Governance/Management macro-patt...

  • How can the user experience be improved in a cloud computing environment?

  • In which scenario is Platform as a Service most suitable?

  • Which statement is true about IBM¡¯s Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3?

  • Given the context of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3, what are t...

  • Which component is optional when building a Software as a Service solution?

  • What are two support system domains that relate to Platform Services Adoption Patt...

  • Which statement is true about cloud computing architecture?

  • An enterprise customer wants to build an integrated log, threat, risk, and complia...

  • What are the two ways in which multi4enancy can be enabled by the network in cloud...

  • In a hybrid cloud computing model, where can peak loads and less critical applicat...

  • What is the difference between elasticity and scalability?

  • Which statement is true about service catalogs?

  • Which security capability is needed to prevent issues related to administrative us...

  • Which hypervisor does IBM Virtual Server Protection support?

  • Click the Exhibit button.If the Cloud Governance Model included Highly Available C...

  • What are three valid interfaces to be consumed from a cloud service provider for P...

  • What type of cloud model is provisioned for exclusive use by a specific selection ...

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