000-595 IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 Fundamentals (Exam 2)

000-595 IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 Fundamentals (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which two statements are true about People? (Choose two)

  • One is experiencing a problem with the Asset application that requires a log file ...

  • A customer requires to track user login attempts. Which select action in either th...

  • What is the life cycle for a Migration Manager package?

  • Which three objects can use Classification as template for specifications? (Choose...

  • What is a requirement in terms of swapping assets?

  • Which statement refers to the concept of IBM Maximo Asset Management (MAM)?

  • One has been designing a snapshot type of package to capture a new Workflow that t...

  • How is the variance calculated in the Key Performance Indicator List Portlet?

  • What is a Key Performance Indicator calculation type?

  • What is a required step for a job Plan to be defined?

  • The solution designer has been asked to create records for manufacturers, vendors,...

  • At which level are Master Preventive Maintenance records defined?

  • A company generates contracts for various work or purchases to replenish the stock...

  • Each maintenance job can be broken down into a series of steps that must be perfor...

  • To apply the configuration changes made in the Logging application, which option m...

  • A customer wants to implement a security authentication process in IBM Maximo Asse...

  • Which three attributes does Labor Reporting capture? (Choose three)

  • A client has requested to see a graph on the Start Center that shows the count of ...

  • To which three options can an Item or Tool be charged? (Choose three)

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