000-646 Rational Manual Tester (Exam 2)

000-646 Rational Manual Tester (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What is a Group?

  • What is the quickest way for a tester to organize test steps into groups?

  • From the Manual Tester Execution Viewer you can NOT _____.

  • A customer has a requirement to export a very large number of RFT test logs to a f...

  • Which Manual Tester capability increases the efficiency and accuracy of test execu...

  • Which type of statement can be used in a manual test?

  • During execution, what does a checkmark indicate?

  • The option allow step type statements to have a result? is accessible from which p...

  • An RMT result of "inconclusive" is equivalent to TestManager result of ______ in a...

  • What is a fest practice for saving RMT results for team use?

  • How can a tester organize the Reuse view?

  • Which user actions does the tester perform in the manual test?

  • A tester creates a manual test with a step that utilizes the feature,Capture Data ...

  • During execution, a Verification Point or Reporting Point statement has the wrong ...

  • A test script contains a group of statements, which have been reused from another ...

  • After you add statements to the Reuse view, how can you reuse the statements in ot...

  • Which characteristics of Rational Manual Tester support script reuse?

  • In RMT, Reuse is using _____.

  • What is the easiest way to create steps for alternate or sub-procedures in an RMT ...

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