000-669 SOA Fundamentals [2008] (Exam 2)

000-669 SOA Fundamentals [2008] (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which three meet the requirement for SOA identity propagation?

  • What provides the most value in helping developers find existing SOA services and ...

  • What is made more difficult by moving to SOA?

  • Which activity is required to successfully implement SOA governance?

  • How can a company enforce adherence to the SOA policies that have been defined?

  • Which statement describes the importance of SOA governance?

  • Organizations that do not adopt SOA will experience which outcome?

  • When releasing a new service version, which changes to the WSDL document are backw...

  • What is a primary need for implementing SOA governance?

  • When services are identified based on isolated applications rather than the busine...

  • When is the location of the service provider first determined in the SOA lifecycle?

  • Which advantages does the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) have over point-to-point so...

  • What demonstrates one of the key principles communicated by the IBM SOA Reference ...

  • Why is messaging important to an SOA?

  • Which capabilities reside within the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)?

  • An organization plans to automate a business process and expose the result as a se...

  • Which two roles do Web services play in an SOA?

  • Which three characteristics of SOA can make a business more agile?

  • Access services represent which vital function in the IBM SOA Reference Architecture?

  • Which cross-cutting concerns are present at all areas within a logical SOA?

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