000-669 SOA Fundamentals [2008] (Exam 3)

000-669 SOA Fundamentals [2008] (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What describes a task within a modeled business process?

  • Which is an architectural characteristic of SOA?

  • Which might cause a challenge to prioritizing, defining and funding services in SOA?

  • What are two recommended approaches to SOA adoption?

  • From an IT perspective, what is the primary goal of moving to SOA?

  • What will be the largest barrier to their success?

  • Which factor could positively impact the readiness for and success of SOA?

  • When starting the journey to SOA, which action should be taken first?

  • Why is business and IT alignment so important to SOA?

  • What will the IBM SOA Assessment Tool help to define?

  • Which people, organizational or technology factors would positively impact the rea...

  • Which approach is considered the most effective first step in ensuring funding for...

  • Customer satisfaction with a new and rather complex product introduced by a compan...

  • A recent strategic corporate directive is demanding a decrease in the operational ...

  • A company has prioritized their most important requirements for SOA to be the need...

  • In preparing to go to SOA, which governance aspect should be implemented from the ...

  • Which is an important decision for the adoption of SOA?

  • In a growth industry, what is the most effective technique to secure executive spo...

  • Which people, organizational or technology factors negatively impact the adoption ...

  • Which situation is most appropriate for an SOA implementation?

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