000-669 SOA Fundamentals [2008] (Exam 4)

000-669 SOA Fundamentals [2008] (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A satellite television service company is starting an SOA project to support an up...

  • Which people, organizational or technology factors would limit an organization's r...

  • From an IT perspective, what are three goals of moving to SOA?

  • Which action should they take first?

  • When starting to adopt SOA, which action should be taken early to help drive accep...

  • A business has been 'doing' SOA for a while and is becoming disillusioned with the...

  • What is a key difference between a component and a service?

  • Which standard describes the interface for Web services?

  • What is a method for verifying the business success of an SOA solution?

  • Which role does XML play in an SOA design?

  • A dealer in rare and antique books is interested in streamlining their business pr...

  • At which two points in SOA communication are registries used?

  • Why is defining appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) important for the su...

  • Which statement is true about a business process in the context of Business Proces...

  • Which aspects of SOA can reduce overlap and duplication?

  • How do Web 2.0 applications communicate with SOA services?

  • Which statement is true about a business process in the context of SOA?

  • What is one architectural principle surrounding SOA?

  • Which three statements describe services within a SOA?

  • Why is reusability an important aspect to promoting agility in SOA?

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