000-730 DB2 9 Fundamentals (Exam 4)

000-730 DB2 9 Fundamentals (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A sequence was created with the DDL statement show below:What is the current value...

  • Given the following table and XML data stored in the CONTACTINFO column:What is th...

  • When defining a referential constraint between the parent table T2 and the depende...

  • Which of the following resources can be explicitly locked?

  • A user needs to create a trigger that will update table T2 whenever a row is added...

  • Application A holds an update lock on a single row and application B is trying to ...

  • Which of the following SQL statements will return the year and average salary for ...

  • Which of the following is a characteristics of a sequence?

  • Which of the following is the lowest cost DB2 product that can be legally installe...

  • within the application MY_APP the following PREVIOUS VALUE expression references t...

  • Given the following query:SELECT last_name, first_name,age,hire_dateFROM employeeW...

  • Which Bill of non-sourced UDF can be created so that it only returns a single value?

  • Which of the following supports the XML data type?

  • Given the following ALTER SEQUENCE statement:Assuming that the sequence had reache...

  • In which of the following situations should correlations names be used?

  • Which of the following statements is used to prevent user TOM from adding and dele...

  • A trigger can be created on which of the following objects?

  • Which of the following provides a logical grouping of database objects?

  • Which of the following is TRUE for the DB2 isolation level Cursor Stability (CS)?

  • Which of the following describes the model used by the Geodetic Extender?

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