000-834 Object Oriented Analysis and Design - Part 2 (Design) (Exam 1)

000-834 Object Oriented Analysis and Design - Part 2 (Design) (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which statement is true about elements within the subsystem and public visibility?

  • What are the two types of dependency that can be used from a subsystem? (Choose two.)

  • Which task is performed during use-case realization refinement?

  • Which statement is true about design subsystems?

  • Given the following configuration: Package A, which contains class aClass is in th...

  • Which process document describes design mechanisms, any mappings between design me...

  • In the state of a state machine, a behavior can be defined _____.

  • What is a gate?

  • When identifying design elements, a simple analysis class will map to a(n)_____.

  • In which OOAD activity is the distribution mechanism identified?

  • Click on the exhibit button In the diagram, what is E?

  • Identify Design Elements is part of which workflow detail?

  • What is the relationship between operation and method?

  • Why would you use subsystem interfaces rather than subsystem instances on sequence...

  • Which is an input artifact to the Identify Design Elements activity?

  • What is an important consideration when allocating processes to nodes?

  • Which type of mechanism is a connector on a deployment diagram?

  • A design mechanism _____.

  • When identifying interfaces during the Identify Design Elements activity, which st...

  • Additional subsystems can be discovered during Use Case Design by noting _____.

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