000-842 Rational Functional Tester for Java (Exam 1)

000-842 Rational Functional Tester for Java (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • How do you start the application under test?

  • While recording a script, the recording monitor _____.

  • What can be tested when recording a verification point?

  • What can you use to select an object as a verification point?

  • How do you stop recording?

  • Which three actions are possible with RFT? (Choose three.)

  • You must _____ a script with a datapool before substituting literal values in the ...

  • What will the following CallScript do? CallScript (myScript, null, DP_ALL)

  • What must you do before editing the datapool using an external application?

  • What must you do to view a comparator of a failed verification point from an RFT t...

  • Out of the box, what are the different options for logging RFT tests?

  • Not including TestManager or custom logging, how can you organize RFT test results?

  • How do you perform image verification in a test?

  • What should the tester open to view Test Objects, Main Data Area and Recognition D...

  • What should the tester do to open the comparator in an HTML log after the test has...

  • What should the tester view to discover the current script action being executed?

  • The two phases of playing back a script are script development and _____.

  • The tester resets their test environment and sets the playback environment.What is...

  • If a test fails because the tester has updated the test data, what should the test...

  • Which three methods write to the RFT log? (Choose three.)

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