000-955 High Volume Storage Fundamentals V2 (Exam 2)

000-955 High Volume Storage Fundamentals V2 (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which Tivoli product was designed to support IBM entry-level storage disk products...

  • Why should a TDA be conducted?

  • The IBM SAN Volume Controller extends existing storage system performance by:

  • On a DS3500, which tool is used to determine projected growth of data?

  • A customer wants to back up their data to a TS2240. What connectivity is supported...

  • The customer desires to move data that has not been accessed in six months or long...

  • Which RAID level provides the best performance at the lowest price?

  • A hospital customer has a database that is backed up to an LTO tape library. The d...

  • Which of the following are the valid host connectivity options for the DS3524?

  • The customer has several storage and server islands. What technology would allow t...

  • The target market for selling Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Disk Midrange...

  • When designing an entry level storage solution that connects to IBM or non-IBM ser...

  • The customer has 25 application servers currently connected via direct attached st...

  • When concerned with security, what zoning type should be used to prevent unauthori...

  • What is the definition of differential backup?

  • A large banking customer has an existing EMC SAN nearing end of lease. They just m...

  • A customer with multiple servers all using multi-path drivers is asking for a new ...

  • What RAID level provides performance with dual parity protection?

  • The Tivoli product that will allow application aware snapshots is:

  • Which of the following is a value proposition the DS3524 provides for a tiered sto...

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