000-957 IBM XIV Storage System Technical Solutions V3 (Exam 5)

000-957 IBM XIV Storage System Technical Solutions V3 (Exam 5)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which XIV System feature helps to decrease total cost of ownership by simplificati...

  • What are two key ways the XIV Storage System provides value? (Select two)

  • What is the minimum number of UPS modules that must be configured in an XIV Storag...

  • What is NOT an example of the XIV System architecture?

  • How many disks are in a data module?

  • During a rebuild, the XIV System maximizes efficiency by copying a partition under...

  • What is changed in the XIV System when physical capacity is added?

  • Which element of the XIV System's hardware implementation helps drive overall syst...

  • A customer's existing cache centric storage subsystem is experiencing high cache h...

  • Under which condition does the XIV System outperform competitive subsystems?

  • How does the XIV System's UPS improve component reliability?

  • In the XIV System how does "scrubbing" prevent data loss?

  • In addition to disks, switches and UPS systems, which components can be replaced w...

  • What are the components and strategy behind the XIV System's internal connectivity?

  • What is the correct definition of the soft size of thin provisioned volumes?

  • A customer has implemented a storage pool for thin provisioning. As part of their ...

  • After initial creation of a thinly provisioned pool, how much physical data has be...

  • Pool A is thinly provisioned and needs more physical space. What action would the ...

  • What are two purposes of using snapshot copies? (Select two)

  • A customer has a special project that utilizes existing production data to run tes...

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