143-410 Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator 8 Gbps (Exam 3)

143-410 Brocade Certified Fabric Administrator 8 Gbps (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which two statements should the buffer-to-buffer credit flow model are true? (Choo...

  • What are three uses of the last byte in a 24-bit Fibre Channel address specific to...

  • Which two commands will display device PIDs on a Brocade switch? (Choose two)

  • Which port is the FCIP equivalent of an E_port?

  • Which Fibre Channel well-known address service records the port and node attributes?

  • Which Fibre Channel address is valid?

  • Which port blade supports XFPs?

  • Which blade would you use in a Brocade OCX Backbone to create an FCIP connection?

  • Which command would you run to determine the vendor part number of the service in ...

  • Which three Brocade products support IP distance extension? (Choose three)

  • Which two products can be configured as an Access Gateway? (Choose two)

  • You want to form a 3-link trunk between two Brocade 5300 switches. All ports are c...

  • Refer to the exhibit.<img src="143-410-26_5.jpg" width="519" height="734">Wh...

  • You are configuring a new fabric and want to ensure that Dynamic Path Selection (D...

  • You have two switches in your fabric connected with two Inter-Switch Links (ISLs) ...

  • You administered a fabric of 5 Brocade 5100 switches. You would like all the switc...

  • You have been asked to upgrade a Brocade DCX Backbone from Fabric OS v6'1.0 to Fab...

  • When installing a new switch, you want to apply a security banner when you log int...

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