156-115.77 Check Point Certified Security Master (Exam 3)

156-115.77 Check Point Certified Security Master (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Each connection allowed by a Security Gateway, will have a real entry and some sym...

  • Extended Cluster Anti-Spoofing checks what value to determine if a packet with the...

  • How do you clear the connections table?

  • In order to prevent outgoing NTP traffic from being hidden behind a Cluster IP you...

  • Of the following answer choices, which best describes a possible effect of expandi...

  • Adam wants to find idle connections on his gateway. Which command would be best su...

  • Which command will you run to list established VPN tunnels?

  • You are in VPN troubleshooting with a Partner and you suspect a mismatch configura...

  • The file ike.elg is a log file used to log IKE negotiations during VPN tunnel esta...

  • Which command displays compression/decompression statistics?

  • What debug file would you check to see what IKE version is being used?

  • What file contains IKEv2 debug messages?

  • What is the log file that shows the keep alive packets during the debug process?

  • What is the log file that shows the processes that participate in the tunnel initi...

  • Which program could you use to analyze Phase I and Phase II packet exchanges?

  • Check Point Best Practices suggest that when you finish a kernel debug, you should...

  • Given the following IKEView output, what do we know about QuickMode Packet 1?

  • You are attempting to establish a VPN tunnel between a Check Point gateway and a 3...

  • You want to run VPN debug that will generate both ike.elg and vpn.elg files. What ...

  • In IKEView while troubleshooting a VPN issue between your gateway and a partner si...

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