156-215 Check Point Certified Security Administrator NGX (Exam 36)

156-215 Check Point Certified Security Administrator NGX (Exam 36)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • If you are experiencing LDAP issues, which of the following should you check?

  • How are cached usernames and passwords cleared from the memory of a R71 Security G...

  • Your users are defined in a Windows 2003 Active Directory server. You must add LDA...

  • Which type of R71 Security Server does not provide User Authentication?

  • Mr. Smith needs access to other networks and should be able to use all services, b...

  • You are about to integrate RSA SecurID users into the Check Point infrastructure. ...

  • User Marc is requesting a Website while he is using a computer out of the net_sing...

  • In the given Rule Base, the client authentication in rule 4 is configured as fully...

  • Assume you are a Security Administrator for ABCTech. You have allowed authenticate...

  • When selecting an authentication scheme for a user, which scheme would you use if ...

  • For which service is it NOT possible to configure user authentication?

  • For remote user authentication, which authentication scheme is NOT supported?

  • For information to pass securely between a Security Management Server and another ...

  • What is the bit size of a DES key?

  • What is the size of a hash produced by SHA-1?

  • Public keys and digital certificates do NOT provide which of the following?

  • If you check the box Use Aggressive Mode in the IKE Properties dialog box, the sta...

  • You are concerned that a message may have been intercepted and retransmitted, thus...

  • Your manager requires you to setup a new corporate VPN between all your branch off...

  • Whitfield Diffie and martin Hellman gave their names to what standard?

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