156-215.77 Check Point Security Administration Featuring GAiA R77 (Exam 11)

156-215.77 Check Point Security Administration Featuring GAiA R77 (Exam 11)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • You are the Security Administrator for MegaCorp. In order to see how efficient you...

  • A company has disabled logging for some of the most commonly used Policy rules. Th...

  • What is a Consolidation Policy?

  • Which feature in R77 permits blocking specific IP addresses for a specified time p...

  • You find a suspicious FTP site trying to connect to one of your internal hosts. Ho...

  • Your Security Gateways are running near performance capacity and will get upgraded...

  • Your company enforces a strict change control policy. Which of the following would...

  • ______________ is an R77 component that displays the number of packets accepted, r...

  • You have just installed your Gateway and want to analyze the packet size distribut...

  • You want to configure a mail alert for every time the policy is installed to a spe...

  • Your boss wants you to closely monitor an employee suspected of transferring compa...

  • You install and deploy GAiA with default settings. You allow Visitor Mode in the G...

  • With deployment of SecureClient, you have defined in the policy that you allow tra...

  • What statement is true regarding Visitor Mode?

  • When attempting to connect with SecureClient Mobile you get the following error me...

  • What port is used for communication to the User Center with SmartUpdate?

  • Message digests use which of the following?

  • You believe Phase 2 negotiations are failing while you are attempting to configure...

  • A digital signature:

  • For remote user authentication, which authentication scheme is NOT supported?

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