156-215.77 Check Point Security Administration Featuring GAiA R77 (Exam 12)

156-215.77 Check Point Security Administration Featuring GAiA R77 (Exam 12)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Review the rules.Assume domain UDP is enabled in the impled rules.What happens whe...

  • Study the Rule base and Client Authentication Action properties screen -After bein...

  • One of your remote Security Gateway's suddenly stops sending logs, and you cannot ...

  • A third-shift Security Administrator configured and installed a new Security Polic...

  • You find a suspicious connection from a problematic host. You decide that you want...

  • In SmartDashboard, you configure 45 MB as the required free hard-disk space to acc...

  • How do you configure an alert in SmartView Monitor?

  • True or FalsE. SmartView Monitor can be used to create alerts on a specified Gateway.

  • Users with Identity Awareness Agent installed on their machines login with _______...

  • Which of the following methods is NOT used by Identity Awareness to catalog identi...

  • How many packets does the IKE exchange use for Phase 1 Main Mode?

  • How many packets are required for IKE Phase 2?

  • Looking at the SYN packets in the Wireshark output, select the statement that is t...

  • Secure Internal Communications (SIC) is completely NAT-tolerant because it is base...

  • Which answers are TRUE? Automatic Static NAT CANNOT be used when:1) NAT decision i...

  • After filtering a fw monitor trace by port and IP, a packet is displayed three tim...

  • Charles requests a Website while using a computer not in the net_singapore network...

  • What is the purpose of an Identity Agent?

  • The Captive Portal tool:

  • Captive Portal is a __________ that allows the gateway to request login informatio...

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