156-215.77 Check Point Security Administration Featuring GAiA R77 (Exam 2)

156-215.77 Check Point Security Administration Featuring GAiA R77 (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which SmartConsole tool would you use to see the last policy pushed in the audit log?

  • SmartView Tracker logs the following Security Administrator activities, EXCEPT:

  • What happens when you select File > Export from the SmartView Tracker menu?

  • By default, when you click File > Switch Active File in SmartView Tracker, the ...

  • You are working with three other Security Administrators. Which SmartConsole compo...

  • Which SmartView Tracker mode allows you to read the SMTP e-mail body sent from the...

  • You can include External commands in SmartView Tracker by the menu Tools > Cust...

  • Where is the easiest and BEST place to find information about connections between ...

  • Which of the following can be found in cpinfo from an enforcement point?

  • Which R77 SmartConsole tool would you use to verify the installed Security Policy ...

  • You have detected a possible intruder listed in SmartView Tracker's active pane. W...

  • Where can an administrator specify the notification action to be taken by the fire...

  • Where can an administrator configure the notification action in the event of a pol...

  • Where are custom queries stored in R77 SmartView Tracker?

  • How do you view a Security Administrator's activities with SmartConsole?

  • Which SmartView Tracker selection would most effectively show who installed a Secu...

  • You are reviewing the Security Administrator activity for a bank and comparing it ...

  • Which of the following R77 SmartView Tracker views will display a popup warning ab...

  • While in SmartView Tracker, Brady has noticed some very odd network traffic that h...

  • SmartView Tracker R77 consists of three different modes. They are:

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