156-315 Check Point Security Administration NGX II (Exam 18)

156-315 Check Point Security Administration NGX II (Exam 18)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which of the following are valid reasons for beginning with a fresh installation V...

  • Public keys and digital certificates provide which of the following?Select three.

  • Which encryption scheme provides in-place encryption?

  • What is the command to upgrade an NG with Application Intelligence R55 SmartCenter...

  • What can be said about RSA algorithms?Select all that apply.

  • Which of the following items can be provisioned via a Profile through SmartProvisi...

  • What does it mean when a Security Gateway is labeled Untrusted in the SmartProvisi...

  • The We-Make-Widgets company has purchased twenty UTM-1 Edge appliances for their r...

  • Which of the following load-balancing methods is not valid?

  • The relay mail server configured under Email Notifications is used by the DLP Gate...

  • You just upgraded to R71 and are using the IPS Software Blade.You want to enable a...

  • You enable Sweep Scan Protection and Host port scan in IPS to determine if a large...

  • You need to determine if your company's Web servers are accessed an excessive numb...

  • Which application is used to create a File-Share Application?

  • Which version is the minimum requirement for SmartProvisioning?

  • If SmartWorkflow is configured to work without Sessions or Role Segregation, how d...

  • What is the best method for scheduling backup's on multiple firewalls?

  • When two or more DLP rules are matched, the action taken is the most restrictive a...

  • When using IPS, what does Geo protection do?

  • The Management Portal allows all of the following EXCEPT:

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