156-315 Check Point Security Administration NGX II (Exam 19)

156-315 Check Point Security Administration NGX II (Exam 19)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • When selecting a backup target using SmartProvisioning, which target is NOT availa...

  • Which of the following can NOT approve a change in a SmartWorkflow session?

  • The Management Portal Software Blade allows users to

  • Which file can you modify to change settings of the Management Portal?For example:...

  • When a security administrator logs in to SmartDashboard and selects Continue witho...

  • When does the SmartWorkflow Policy Installation window appear?

  • What happens to the session information after they are approved and a policy insta...

  • Your customer wishes to install the SmartWorkflow Software Blade on a R70 Security...

  • You have to uninstall the Check Point SmartWorkflow Software Blade on a SecurePlat...

  • Your customer wishes to use SmartWorkflow Software Blade, but he also wishes to in...

  • In SmartWorkflow, what is NOT a valid possibility?

  • What is a possible reason for the grayed out Restore Version button in the screens...

  • How is the SmartWorkflow Session Information Pane enabled?

  • How is Smart Workflow disabled?

  • When using SmartWorkflow, how many sessions can be in progress at the same time?

  • While using the SmartProvisioning Wizard to create a new profile, you cannot conti...

  • You logged in to your firewall and discovered that the scheduled backup has been m...

  • The SmartProvisioning management concept is based on:

  • Where do Gateways managed by SmartProvisioning fetch their assigned profiles?

  • SmartProvisioning is an integral part of the Security Management or Provider-1 CMA...

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