156-315 Check Point Security Administration NGX II (Exam 7)

156-315 Check Point Security Administration NGX II (Exam 7)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • You are the MegaCorp Security Administrator.This company uses a firewall cluster, ...

  • You have a High Availability ClusterXL configuration. Machines are not synchronize...

  • What command will allow you to disable sync on a cluster firewall member?

  • When using ClusterXL in Load Sharing, what is the default method?

  • If ClusterXL Load Sharing is enabled with state synchronization enabled, what will...

  • What is a "sticky" connection?

  • Review the R75 configuration.Is it correct for Management High Availability?

  • Check Point New Mode HA is a(n) _________ solution.

  • What is the behavior of ClusterXL in a High Availability environment?

  • Review the cphaprob state command output from a New Mode High Availability cluster...

  • By default Check Point High Availability components send updates about their state...

  • You have just upgraded your Load Sharing gateway cluster (both members) from NGX R...

  • In Management High Availability, what is an Active SMS?

  • For Management High Availability synchronization, what does the Advance status mean?

  • Which of the following would be a result of having more than one active Security M...

  • You want to verify that your Check Point cluster is working correctly.Which comman...

  • How can you view the virtual cluster interfaces of a Cluster XL environment?

  • When Load Sharing Multicast mode is defined in a ClusterXL cluster object, how are...

  • Which of the following does NOT happen when using Pivot Mode in ClusterXL?

  • When distributing IPSec packets to gateways in a Load Sharing Multicast mode clust...

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