156-915 Accelerated CCSE NGX (Exam 3)

156-915 Accelerated CCSE NGX (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • The CoreXL SND (Secure Network Distributor) is responsible for:

  • SmartWorkflow has been enabled with the following configuration:If a security admi...

  • Which of the following generate a SmartEvent Report from SQL database?

  • What is a task of the SmartEvert Server?

  • Among the authentication schemes SSI VPN employs for users, which scheme does Chec...

  • In R71, My Organization e-mail addresses or domains are used for:

  • A VPN Tunnel Interface (VTI) is defined on SecurelPlatform Pro as:Vpn ahell interf...

  • Which of the following components receives events and assigns severity levels to t...

  • When deploying dedicated DLP Gateway behind a perimeter firewall on an interface l...

  • Which of the following commands can be used to stop Management Portal services?

  • When selecting a backup target using SmartProvisioning, which target is NOT availa...

  • Which of the following is TRUE concerning unnumbered VPN Tunnel Interfaces (VTIs)?

  • To dean the system of all events, you should delete the files in which folder(s)?

  • Laura notices the Microsoft Visual Basic Kill Bits Protection is set to inactive. ...

  • In the following command LSMcli [-d] <server> <pswd> <action> "s...

  • You use the snapshot feature to store your Connectra SSL VPN configuration. What d...

  • Date type = Large file (>500KB)Source = My organizationProtocol = anyAction = a...

  • What is significance of the depicted icon in the Smart Workflow toolbar?Choose the...

  • You configure a check point QoS rule based with two rules rules: an HTTP rule with...

  • Which is TRUE for route-based VPNs?

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