156-915 Accelerated CCSE NGX (Exam 9)

156-915 Accelerated CCSE NGX (Exam 9)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Message digests use which of the following?

  • What are the 3 main components of the IPS Event Analysis software Blade?i) Correla...

  • How can you verify that SecureXL is running?

  • Susan needs to change the DNS settings on the SecurePlatform Gateway. Using the ou...

  • What is the router command to save your OSPF configuration?

  • You enable Sweep scan Protection and Host port scan in IPS to determine n a large ...

  • Using SmartProvisioning Profiles, which of the following could be configured for b...

  • What is the advantage for deploying Connectra in a DMZ, versus a LAN?

  • Your customer wishes to use SmartWorkflow Software Blade, but he also wishes to in...

  • Check Point product implements a Consolidation Policy?

  • Which of the following is not supported by CoreXL?

  • You have three Gateways in a mesh community. Each gateway's VPN Domain is their in...

  • The Management Portal Software Blade allows users to

  • You have configured an LDAP account unit and confirmed the Apply & Fetch Branc...

  • After repairing a SmartWorkflow session:

  • The Management Portal allows all of the following EXCEPT:

  • Which of the following functions CANNOT be performed in clinetinfo on computer inf...

  • Your customer asks you about checkpoint SmartWorkflow. His company must comply wit...

  • When a security administrator logs in to SmartDashboard and selects Continue witho...

  • How do you control the maximum number of mail messages in a spool directory?

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