156-915.71 Check Point Certified Security Expert R71 Update (Exam 1)

156-915.71 Check Point Certified Security Expert R71 Update (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which SmartEvent, what is the Correlation Unit's function?

  • How do you verify the Check Pant kernel running on a firewall?

  • After repairing a Smart Workflow session:

  • TotallyCoolSecuirty Company has a large security staff. Bob configured a new IPS C...

  • Which Remote Desktop protocols are supported natively in SSL VPN?

  • To force clients to use integrity Security Workspace when accessing sensitive appl...

  • The default port for browser access to the Management Portal is

  • In which case is a Sticky Decision Function relevant?

  • You just upgraded to R71 and are using the IPS Software Blade You want to enable a...

  • Refer to the network topology below. You have IPS Software Blades active on the Se...

  • Which of the following is NOT an Smartevent event-triggered Automatic Reaction?

  • Your company has the requirement that SmartEvent reports should show a detailed an...

  • What SmartConsole application allows you to change the Log Consolidation Policy?

  • In configure a client to property log in to the user portal using a certificate, t...

  • What process manages the dynamic routing protocols (ospp, RIP, etc) on SecurelPlat...

  • To change the default port of the Management Portal,

  • Where do Gateways managed by SmartProvisioning fetch their assigned profiles?

  • When synchronizing clusters, which of the following statements is NOT true?

  • What command will allow you to disable sync on a cluster firewall member?

  • By default, a standby Security Management Server is automatically synchronized by ...

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