156-915.71 Check Point Certified Security Expert R71 Update (Exam 2)

156-915.71 Check Point Certified Security Expert R71 Update (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A customer is calling saying one member's status is Down. What will you check?

  • You have a High Availability ClusterXL configuration. Machines are not synchronize...

  • When using ClusterXl in load sharing, what method is used be default?

  • John is configuring a new R17 Gateway cluster but he cannot configure the cluster ...

  • A customer calls saying that a load-sharing cluster shows drops with the error Fir...

  • Which at the following commands shows full synchronization status?

  • If Victor wanted to edit new Signature Protections, what tab would he need to acce...

  • Due to some recent performance issues, you are asked to add additional processors ...

  • Which of the following is the default port few Management Portal?

  • Which of the ft flowing is TRUE concerning unnumbered VPN Tunnel Interfaces (VTIs)?

  • SSL termination takes place:

  • Which component functions as the Internal Certificate Authority for R71?

  • Which operating system(s) support(s) unnumbered VPN Tunnel Interface (VTIs) for ro...

  • If a Security Gateway enforces there protections, LDAP injection, Malicious Code P...

  • What is meaning of the option Connect to the internet?

  • Where is it necessary to configure historical records in SmartView Monitor to gene...

  • Using IPS, how do you notify the Security Administrator that malware is scanning s...

  • User A has the following permissions for SmartConsole:True or False User A is able...

  • Mark the configuration options that are available for Data Loss Prevention in R71.

  • In company XYZ, the DLP Administrator defined a new Keywords Data Type that contai...

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