156-915.71 Check Point Certified Security Expert R71 Update (Exam 4)

156-915.71 Check Point Certified Security Expert R71 Update (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which procedure creates a new administrator in smartworkflow?

  • What is a task of the Smart Event Server?

  • From the following output of cphaprob state, which clusterXL mode is this?

  • Can end users be forced to authenticate by using client certificates and username ...

  • Your customer complaints of the weak performance of his systems. He has heard that...

  • Your customer wishes to install the smart workflow blade on a R70 security managem...

  • Your customer asks you about the performance pack. you explain to him that a perfo...

  • How is a change approved for implementing in smart workflow?

  • Management portal should be installed on:(i) management server(ii) security gatewa...

  • How many Events can be shown at one tame m the Event preview pane?

  • What access level cannot be assigned to an administrator in smart event?

  • You need to publish secured platform routes using the OSPF routing protocol. What ...

  • David is the multicorp security manager and approves the proposals submitted by th...

  • With Smart Event what is the Analyzer function?

  • David wants to manage hundreds of gateways using a central management tool what to...

  • You have received an LDAP account unit and confirmed the apply & fetch branche...

  • Which of the following services will cause the secure XL templates to be disabled?

  • Which of the following statements is FALSE about the DLP software blade and active...

  • What are the Smart Provisioning profile indicators?

  • When does it mean when a Security Gateway is labeled untrusted in the Smart provis...

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