156-915.77 Check Point Certified Security Expert Update (Exam 7)

156-915.77 Check Point Certified Security Expert Update (Exam 7)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which Check Point QoS feature is used to dynamically allocate relative portions of...

  • John is the Mega Corp Security Administrator, and is using Check Point R71. Malcol...

  • Laura notices the Microsoft Visual Basic Bits Protection is set to inactive. She w...

  • The following graphic illustrates which command being issued on Secure Platform?

  • Refer to the to the network topology below.You have IPS software Blades active on ...

  • How is change approved for implementation in Smart Workflow?

  • Provisioning Profiles can NOT be applied to:

  • What is the lowest possible version a Security Gateway may be running in order to ...

  • One profile in Smart Provisioning can update:

  • Check Point recommends deploying SSL VPN:

  • What are the Smart Provisioning Provisioning Profile indicators?

  • Which of the following can NOT be modified by editing the cp_httpd_admin.conf file?

  • Smart Workflow has been enabled with the following configuration:If a security adm...

  • If traffic requires preferential treatment by other routers on the network, in add...

  • In Company XYZ, the DLP Administrator defined a new Keywords Data Type that contai...

  • Which Name Resolution protocols are supported in SSL VPN?

  • Which statement about LDAP and Active Directory (AD) with SSL VPN is TRUE?

  • Which Check Point QoS feature marks the ToS byte in the IP header?

  • How does Cluster XL Unicast mode handle new traffic?

  • Which of the following explains Role Segregation?

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