156-915.77 Check Point Certified Security Expert Update (Exam 8)

156-915.77 Check Point Certified Security Expert Update (Exam 8)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A user cannot authenticate to SSL VPN. You have verified the user is assigned a us...

  • Which Protection Mode does not exist in IPS?

  • Using Smart Provisioning Profiles, which of the following could be configured for ...

  • Which of the following actions is most likely to improve the performance of Check ...

  • Where is the encryption domain for a Smart LSM Security Gateway configured in R71?

  • John is the Multi Corp Security Administrator. If he suggests a change in the fire...

  • What is NOT true about Management Portal?

  • Mark the configuration options that are available for Data Loss Prevention in R71.

  • What is the advantage for deploying SSL VPN in a DMZ, versus a LAN?

  • Management Portal should be installed on:(i) Management Server(ii) Security Gatewa...

  • To change the default port of the Management Portal:

  • What port is used for Administrator access for your SSL VPN?

  • Math the Smart Dashboard session status icons with the appropriate Smart Workflow ...

  • What is the command to upgrade a Secure Platform NG with Application Intelligence ...

  • You have a production implementation of Management High Availability, at version V...

  • You set up a mesh VPN Community, so your internal networks can access your partner...

  • How does a standby Smart Center Server receive logs from all Security Gateways, wh...

  • You want only RAS signals to pass through H.323 Gatekeeper and other H.323 protoco...

  • Which component functions as the Internal Certificate Authority for VPN-1 NGX?

  • You are configuring the VoIP Domain object for a Skinny Client Control Protocol (S...

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