1D0-525 CIW v5 E-Commerce Designer (Exam 3)

1D0-525 CIW v5 E-Commerce Designer (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which of the following is most essential when setting a marketing goal for an e-co...

  • What is the first step in improving your Web server's performance?

  • What step would be appropriate before launching an e-commerce site with a newly in...

  • The daily number of visitors to Cathy's site has increased by 600 percent and the ...

  • Before you can conduct usability testing, you should:

  • Carly has requested a digital certificate for her Web site. Instructions for downl...

  • Tom has encountered a problem with the Apache server installation on his company's...

  • Maggie is developing a site that allows purchases to be made online. What technolo...

  • What security protocol typically allows Web-based applications to pass data secure...

  • You are planning to install a database server in a mission-critical environment. W...

  • Which of the following describes a targeted marketing program?

  • Which of the following is the most effective strategy for conducting an opt-in e-m...

  • Which of the following is a primary concern when configuring a shopping-cart system?

  • Jennifer placed a special product advertisement on the home page of her e-commerce...

  • The goals for effective usability in an e-commerce site are to get customers to:

  • You have posted your e-commerce site on a staging server. Which of the following m...

  • Which of the following is a disadvantage of an online storefront?

  • Placing an institutional banner ad on a site that targets a specific market can re...

  • Which of the following describes a Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)...

  • An online instant storefront can build community by:

Nov. 24, 2016
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