1D0-61B CIW Site Development Associate (Exam 3)

1D0-61B CIW Site Development Associate (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Katie developed her corporation's intra net site using proprietary HTML language e...

  • Which <1mg> tag attribute is required in order for HTML5 documents to valida...

  • Which of the following HTML elements is a text-level element?

  • To define a circle-shaped hot-spot for an image map, which of the following code f...

  • When the user clicks the Submit Query button on a form, the browser sends the info...

  • Since the advent of HTML5, which choice accurately describes a difference between ...

  • Web developers typically include comments in their code for which reason?

  • You have been asked to design and develop a Web site for a retirement community. W...

  • When developing Web pages, it is important to test the pages with:

  • When a developer wants to center a paragraph of text, which code should she use?

  • The process of wireframing typically includes determining Web site goals plus:

  • Philip creates a Web form in HTNL5, but the data will not process. He has the meth...

  • Violating a copyright or trademark is an example of what type of prosecutable crime?

  • Skylar has been asked by the HR Department to create a Web page for the company's ...

  • Marsha has been hired by XYZ, Inc., to update the company Web site. Marsha discove...

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