3002 Avaya IP Office Platform Configuration and Maintenance (Exam 1)

3002 Avaya IP Office Platform Configuration and Maintenance (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • You have changed the default port numbers for UDP, TCP and TLS in the IP Office to...

  • Which configuration areas are required to be configured by Hot Desking users, Agen...

  • Which three licenses are made obsolete by Server Edition? (Choose three.)

  • Which method will avoid corruption of the data on the SD card when removing the SD...

  • When a company's internal DNS is down, how can a SIP Remote Worker client still re...

  • When planning for Wide Area Network SCNs, which two are required? (Choose two.)

  • Which method can be used for upgrading the voice prompts on the Embedded Voicemail?

  • What is used to send out alarm notifications to you?

  • Which statement about the Linux OS for IP Office is true?

  • What does "IMAP support" mean in the IP Office UMS service?

  • Which outcome can be prevented with a correctly configured multi-site SCN solution?

  • A company with 500 users has a single IP Office Server Edition providing telephony...

  • When implementing a fully integrated multi-site network using only IP500 control u...

  • Which call flow type has a web interface to retrieve information left by the caller?

  • Secure Digital (SD) card commands can be invoked from which two sources? (Choose t...

  • A law enforcement organization wants full-time automated authenticated recordings ...

  • If ContactStore is not running on the same server as Voicemail Pro, a registry key...

  • Which two email clients are supported for IP Office IMAP services? (Choose two.)

  • Before attempting to connect an IP Office to a one-X® Portal server, what must be ...

  • In an SCN network with Distributed Voicemail, which two are required? (Choose two.)

Nov. 7, 2016
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