3103 Radvision Scopia Solution for Video Communications Exam (Exam 1)

3103 Radvision Scopia Solution for Video Communications Exam (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which three Interfaces are available for scheduling an iVIEW conference? (Choose t...

  • Through which operation can new meeting types for iVIEW be created?

  • Which statement regarding tin resolution supported by MCU is correct?

  • Which two actions are not available for Moderators when using Elite MCU DTMF confe...

  • After using the system for more than a year, a company decides to add support for ...

  • Which specification regarding a Radvision Scopia® Elite MCU deployment is correct?

  • Which two tools can be used to troubleshoot call failures? (Choose two)

  • How can you limit the default call bandwidth for a specific user in a deployment t...

  • Refer to the exhibit.You want to invite people outside of your network to a confer...

  • What role must a user have to change PathFinder server configuration from the web ...

  • Refer to the exhibit.Where do you configure the Gatekeeper address in the Elite MCU?

  • Which statement regarding the difference between Geo cascading and Capacity cascad...

  • When can the No-Self-See feature be applied during a conference?

  • When using the SCOPIA XT Desktop, what additional hardware is required?

  • What is the maximum High Definition (HD) resolution supported by SCOPIA XT Desktop?

  • Which activity cannot be performed by an MCU operator?

  • Which DTMF type is supported by the MCU?

  • If a call from an H.323 endpoint to a Scopia® Desktop Client fails, which two logs...

  • What are two indicators that connectivity to the MCU is lost? (Choose two)

  • How do you enable dual NIC support on the PathFinder?

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