350-001 CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam (Exam 49)

350-001 CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam (Exam 49)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A gratuitous ARP is used to: (Multiple answer)

  • What functionality best defines the use of a 'stub' area within an OSPF environment?

  • TFTP security is controlled by: (Multiple answer)

  • Exhibit:S* [1/0] via [90/48609] via 10.1.1....

  • In the Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System/HP OpenView interface, a "yellow" s...

  • What is the first thing that must be done to implement network security at a speci...

  • What would be the best reason for selecting L2TP as a tunnel protocol for a VPN Cl...

  • In BGP, why should a Route Reflector be used?

  • In the realm of email security, "message repudiation" refers to what concept?

  • Exhibit:aaa authentication login default local tacacsaaa authorization exec defaul...

  • Which of the following statements regarding Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is ...

  • A security System Administrator is reviewing the network system log files. The adm...

  • When using PKI, what is true about Certificate Revocation List (CRL):

  • A remote user tries to login to a secure network using Telnet, but accidentally ty...

  • What is the term used to describe an attack that falsifies a broadcast ICMP echo r...

  • User_A and User_B are logged into Windows NT Workstation Host_A and Host_B respect...

  • Which of the following is an invalid Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System funct...

  • Kerberos is mainly used in:

  • The Unix file /etc/shadow is:

  • Two remote LANs connected via a serial connection are exchanging routing updates v...

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