350-001 CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam (Exam 57)

350-001 CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam (Exam 57)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which two statements are true about traffic shaping? (Choose two.)

  • What needs to be enabled for Unicast RPF?

  • Which two of these are benefits of applying WRED? (Choose two.)

  • Which four of these commands are required when implementing DMVPN? (Choose four.)

  • If a port configured with STP root guard receives a superior STP BPDU, the port wi...

  • Refer to the exhibit. All routers in this network are configured to run OSPF on al...

  • You are configuring the Cisco IOS DHCP Server to handle DHCP in a LAN. Which two o...

  • Refer to the exhibit. While performing an internal audit of your network, you come...

  • When receiving information from redistributed routes, a router will use all of the...

  • Refer to the exhibit. Which protocol would allow you to implement a first-hop redu...

  • In Frame Relay, the Discard Eligible bit works in conjunction with which of these ...

  • All of these are Spanning Tree Protocol IEEE 802.1w port states except which one?

  • Which of these statements about anycast RPs is correct?

  • Refer to the exhibit. For this network, if you examined the local OSPF database on...

  • Refer to the exhibit. In this network, each router has a router ID as shown next t...

  • What is the difference between BPDU guard and root guard?

  • Refer to the exhibit. Assuming that the routing protocol for this network is EIGRP...

  • Which of these statements about the Designated Forwarder in bidirectional PIM is t...

  • Refer to the exhibit. Packets from hosts attached to R3 and destined for network 1...

  • Which Cisco IOS feature can be used to defend against spoofing attacks?

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