350-018 CCIE Security Written Exam (Exam 13)

350-018 CCIE Security Written Exam (Exam 13)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Refer to network diagram in the exhibit. There are four servers on the DMZ. All se...

  • Low and slow reconnaissance scans used to gain information about a system to see i...

  • What is Chain of Evidence in the context of security forensics?

  • ASDM on the ASA platform is executed as:

  • Which of the following is true for RFC 4301 - Security Architecture for the Intern...

  • Which of the following is one way to configure the security appliance to protect a...

  • Which is a benefit of implementing RFC 2827?

  • Which of the following describes the DHCP "starvation" attack?

  • Which Cisco security software product mitigates Day Zero attacks on desktops and s...

  • Which of the following signatures was created by an IPS adminisrator using the cus...

  • Which of these is the best way to provide sender non-repudiation?

  • Which algorithms did TKIP add to the 802.11 specification?

  • Refer to the exhibit. A Cisco security appliance has been correctly configured and...

  • You are configuring a Cisco switch in a NAC Framework solution, what is the result...

  • How can Netflow be used to help identify a day-zero scanning worm?

  • Which two are correct functions of the Cisco Anomaly Guard and Detector for preven...

  • Which ones are the two types of ciphers?

  • Which statement is true concerning PAT?

  • Which three statements regarding Cisco ASA multicast routing support are correct? ...

  • Which of the following is the correct diagram for an IPsec Authentication Header?

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