350-018 CCIE Security Written Exam (Exam 19)

350-018 CCIE Security Written Exam (Exam 19)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Refer to the Exhibit. A Cisco 10/100/1000 Mbps switch is inserted in a small offic...

  • Choose the correct security statements about the HTTP protocol and its use.

  • Based on the following partial configuration shown, which statement is true?interf...

  • The following ip protocols and ports are commonly used in IPSec protocols.

  • What does qos pre-classify provides in regard to implementing QoS over GRE/IPSec V...

  • What is the net effect of using ICMP Type 4 messages to attack RFC 1122 compliant ...

  • Referring to the SDM screens shown, which two statements are true about the IOS Ea...

  • By default, to perform IPS deny actions, where is the ACL applied when using IOS-IPS?

  • The Risk Rating for an IPS signature is calculated using four primary components. ...

  • Which two statements are correct about the aaa authentication login default group ...

  • Which IOS QoS mechanism is used strictly to rate limit traffic destined to the rou...

  • What is true about SYN cookies?

  • The number of packets (or flows) dropped because they do not conform to the ASA/PI...

  • Select the two correct statements from the list below that describe DES and 3DES :...

  • What is Chain of Evidence in the context of security forensics?

  • Refer to the exhibit. The router in the exhibit only supports telnet access from t...

  • A company just completed the rollout of IP/TV. The first inside network MC client ...

  • Which of the following is true with respect to active-active failover on the ASA ?

  • Choose the most correct statements about SMTP/ESMTP.

  • Cisco IOS IPS sends IPS alert messages using which two protocols? (Choose two.)

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