350-018 CCIE Security Written Exam (Exam 62)

350-018 CCIE Security Written Exam (Exam 62)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What service SHOULD be enabled on ISO firewall devices?

  • Which of the following statements regarding SNMP v1 community strings is valid?

  • The network administrator has forgotten the enable password of the router. Luckily...

  • The purpose of Lock & Key is:

  • Which security programs can effectively protect your network against password snif...

  • By use of FTP passive mode, after the client opens the command channel (port 21) t...

  • Which type of the following RADIUS packets is NOT valid?

  • How does Cisco Secure Intrustion Detection System sensor behave when it detects un...

  • Which description is correct regarding the Cisco IOS-IPS functionality?

  • What is the reason that NTP is an important component when implementing IPSec VPN ...

  • Using Ciscos' Security Device manager on an IOS router, what functions could you e...

  • Which action is performed first on the Cisco ASA appliance when it receives an inc...

  • You have been asked to configure a Cisco ASA appliance in multiple mode with these...

  • Which four attributes are identified in an X.509v3 basic certificate field? (Choos...

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