350-021 CCIE Service Provider Cable Recertification Exam (Exam 3)

350-021 CCIE Service Provider Cable Recertification Exam (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • In BGP, why should a Route Reflector be used?

  • If a host sends a TCP segment with the RST flag set, it means:

  • The "show controllers cable x/y upstreram x" command does not detect impulse noise...

  • In the "show cable flap-list" what issues can causes a flap to be incremented? (mu...

  • What would be the best method for determining the cause of CPEs not getting provis...

  • What command on the Ubr7246 can help find the possibility of a problem with ingres...

  • How can decreasing the interleave-depth value effect performance?

  • In the exhibit, the cable modem 00e0.6f00.6ef6 is "flapping" likely due to:

  • How can you buffer upstream grants instead of dropping packets causing TCP retrans...

  • What IOS command, entered on cisco cable modem with console access, is most valuab...

  • Incrementing hits with a corresponding excessive number of incrementing misses dis...

  • The return path interference designated by the four "diamond shape" markers on the...

  • What ISDN timer is started after Q.931 SETUP msg is sent?

  • What Q.931 message cannot be received in response to sending a Q.931 SETUP message?

  • In Frame Relay, the BECN bit is set by:

  • What is true about the DLCI field in the Frame Relay header?

  • What Delimits the beginning and the end of the Frame Relay frame?

  • What statement is correct?

  • The diagram shows a collapsed L3 switched building backbone consisting of two L3 s...

  • An incoming frame is received by a transparent bridge. If the destination address ...

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