350-021 CCIE Service Provider Cable Recertification Exam (Exam 8)

350-021 CCIE Service Provider Cable Recertification Exam (Exam 8)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • If a Dialer Profile exists in the local configuration of a router, what is true?

  • What statement is correct regarding Virtual LANs (VLANs)?

  • What is an Inter Switch Link (ISL)?

  • An inverse ARP is sent:

  • Assume IP Videoconference station A places a 384Kb call to IP Videoconference stat...

  • In the diagram shown, what mechanism needs to be employed on the remote site route...

  • When a TCP segment is lost, the TCP sender reacts by: (multiple answer)

  • In this diagram, Host G is attempting to send a packet to Host A through Router E....

  • With RIP running, what command would be used to set the default route on Router 2 ...

  • Determine the minimum upstream RF bandwidth and modulation capable of supporting c...

  • What is the nominal bandwidth of a DOCSIS 2.3 Mbps QPSK or 4.5 Mbps 16-QAM digital...

  • While entering commands on a console, the break key is pressed accidentally and th...

  • Look at the router configuration above. If this router has a configuration-registe...

  • The configuration register does NOT retain settings for:

  • A large number displayed in the Ins column in a flap list for a given modem is not...

  • An ISP complains that users are changing their QOS profiles to faster rates than t...

  • PCRs are located where in an MPEG packet?

  • Interlaced fields are separated by:

  • What establishes routing table precedence in a routing table?

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