350-021 CCIE Service Provider Cable Recertification Exam (Exam 9)

350-021 CCIE Service Provider Cable Recertification Exam (Exam 9)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • To restrict SNMP access to a router, what configuration command could be used?

  • In MPLS what is an LSP?

  • A European cable operator intends to deploy a uBR7223 equipped with an uBR-MC16E c...

  • Operating a EuroDOCSIS system, the upconverter is set for an output level of 108.7...

  • Given: Two-way splitter insertion loss is 4 dB, diplex filter insertion loss is 1 ...

  • In the Internet core, routers communicating over ATM typically use:

  • How long is an ATM cell header?

  • ATM switches use the VPI/VCI fields of the cell header:

  • Given an address of with a subnet mask of, how many hosts...

  • The network associated with Router A's Ethernet 0 port is designed to be publicly ...

  • What is Fast EtherChannel?

  • In an MPEG II transport stream, what describes the correct relationship between PS...

  • What statement describes DVB Data Piping?

  • An operator is experiencing excessive customer service calls from a serving area s...

  • What are the 4 bridge port states in a transparent bridging environment?

  • OSPF is defined on a Frame Relay interface providing point-to-multipoint connectio...

  • What is the best definition of the use of "Area 0" in OSPF?

  • In the exhibit shown, what is the problem with sid 73?

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