350-022 CCIE Service Provider DSL Exam (Exam 2)

350-022 CCIE Service Provider DSL Exam (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A subscriber's DSL service was not working correctly. The subscriber discovered th...

  • What is true about the DLCI field in the Frame Relay header?

  • In Frame Relay, what devices resend packets that do not transmit correctly?

  • The address field contains: (multiple answer)

  • In Frame Relay, the BECN bit is set by:

  • What effect will this configuration command have?line vty 0 4no password vtypassword

  • To restrict SNMP access to a router, what configuration command could be used?

  • While entering commands on a console, the break key is pressed accidentally and th...

  • What mechanism enables cut-through switches to process a frame with reduced latency?

  • What statement is correct regarding Virtual LANs (VLANs)?

  • Host D sends a frame to Host B at the same time that Host B sends a frame to Host ...

  • What happens to an incoming frame on a Layer 2 switch?

  • What is the primary benefit of the "time-to-live" field in the IP header?

  • A new Cisco router has no configuration defined. Which methods can be used to conf...

  • A network administrator is using debug commands to check the performance of a netw...

  • When a TCP segment is lost, the TCP sender reacts by: (multiple answer)

  • With CGMP enabled, which are unique about the following MAC address range: 01-00-5...

  • Which of the following CGMP (Cisco Group Management Protocol) statements is correc...

  • Router A has a 512K-access port into the frame relay cloud. Router B has 128K-acce...

  • Assume IP Videoconference station A places a 384Kb call to IP Videoconference stat...

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