350-022 CCIE Service Provider DSL Exam (Exam 7)

350-022 CCIE Service Provider DSL Exam (Exam 7)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A subscriber complains that his DSL rates are slower than the service heordered. T...

  • Three of the following statements are correct. Identify the three (3) correct stat...

  • A DMT DSL modem is working on a "shared line" with standard telephone service (POT...

  • What effect do load coils in a telephone line have on DSL service?

  • What statement is correct?

  • For communications systems what describes the over-all health of the system?

  • Select the group of technologies which are listed in descending order of bandwidth...

  • Debug is enabled on Router B, but no debug messages appear on the terminal. Other ...

  • What mechanism should be employed to limit the "transmit rate" from Router A to Ro...

  • The Hold-Down Timer used in Distance Vector protocols:

  • Based on the information above, which OSPF configurations listed are valid? (multi...

  • Routers running OSPF and sharing a common segment become neighbors on that segment...

  • What signaling protocol does Cisco use to provide support for MPLS traffic enginee...

  • What is NOT a reason to deploy MPLS?

  • An inverse ARP is sent:

  • L3 switches R1 and R2 are in the backbone of the network. They are connected by a ...

  • What statement is false about RIP v1?

  • The diagram shows a collapsed L3 switched building backbone consisting of two L3 s...

  • Upon deleting an IOS image file from flash, an execution of show flash shows the f...

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