350-027 CCIE Written Metro Ethernet (Exam 3)

350-027 CCIE Written Metro Ethernet (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • DSCP EF is equivalent to what decimal value?

  • Regarding ATM cell transport, which statements are FALSE?

  • What is true about the EoMPLS control word?

  • Click the Exhibit button. PE1 and PE2 provision point-to-point EoMPLS pseudowires ...

  • What is possibly true concerning Traffic contract, Traffic shaping, and Traffic po...

  • Which addresses below would be valid IP addresses of hosts on the Internet? (multi...

  • Click the Exhibit button. What is true about the SW1 configuration, with respect t...

  • When executing the following show mpls l2transport vc detail command, you notice t...

  • Click the Exhibit button to view the topology. Host 1 and Host 2 are on Ethernet L...

  • According to the IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD specification, what is the proper signal for c...

  • What is a major difference between PVST and PVST+?

  • What IEEE standard allows several VLANs to be mapped to reduce a number of spannin...

  • Which statements are true regarding the AToM control word?

  • Which statements are false regarding the MPLS stack for EoMPLS packets?

  • Routers running OSPF and sharing a common segment become neighbors on that segment...

  • The two label distribution protocols that provide support for MPLS traffic enginee...

  • When connecting two different VLAN Trunk Protocol domains together via an ISL trun...

  • On a 3550 switch, private vlan edge is known as:

  • Which pieces of information are not present in a BPDU?

  • Which statements are true regarding ATM-Ethernet PW Interworking?

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