350-027 CCIE Written Metro Ethernet (Exam 4)

350-027 CCIE Written Metro Ethernet (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Click the Exhibit button to view the topology. The diagram shows a campus with a L...

  • According to the IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD specification, what MAC address is used for th...

  • What type of protocol/port is used for L2TPv3?

  • Existing ACEs in the VACL: set security acl ip Control_Access permit host

  • Click the Exhibit button to view the configuration. Which addresses below are appr...

  • What is NOT a reason to deploy MPLS?

  • Regarding IP Interworking between Ethernet and PPP, which statements are true?

  • A service provider plans to offer Virtual Private LAN Service to a customer who ha...

  • Click the Exhibit button. By observing the shown configuration and diagram, will C...

  • What VC Type does IP Interworking use?

  • Click the Exhibit button. Given the four networks listed, what valid summary addre...

  • Which statements are FALSE concerning the use of VACLs on the Catalyst 6500 switch?

  • Which protocols can be used to authenticate media-level access control, offer the ...

  • The negotiation for whether or not an LDP session is being targeted, happens:

  • MPLS Traffic Engineering does NOT require:

  • ATM switches use the VPI/VCI fields of the cell header:

  • interface tunnel 1tunnel destination unnumbered loopback0tunnel mode...

  • Regarding the VFI configuration, which are NOT true?

  • Which statments are true regarding Interworking?

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