350-027 CCIE Written Metro Ethernet (Exam 5)

350-027 CCIE Written Metro Ethernet (Exam 5)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A service provider offers Virtual Private LAN Service over its MPLS-enabled networ...

  • Click the Exhibit button to view the topology. In the MPLS network shown, how many...

  • Policing on a Fast Ethernet interface has been configured using Committed Access R...

  • Click the Exhibit button to view the configuration. In the diagram shown, what mec...

  • What is true about the DLCI field in the Frame Relay header?

  • Which of the following CGMP (Cisco Group Management Protocol) statements is correc...

  • What is most commonly used to prevent hackers from flooding a port with MAC-addres...

  • What ISDN timer is started after Q.931 SETUP msg is sent?

  • What mechanism enables cut-through switches to process a frame with reduced latency?

  • What statement is true?

  • Every time a typing mistake is made at the exec prompt of a router, the message fr...

  • To restrict SNMP access to a router, what configuration command could be used?

  • The term VFI describes:

  • Regarding ATM Cell Transport, how many bytes per cell are transported?

  • What is true about the EoMPLS control word?

  • An inverse ARP is sent:

  • For an OC-48 signal (2.5Gb/s), what is the BER (bit error rate) if there is 1 bit ...

  • What is the difference between Link LDP and targeted LDP?

  • What does the Switchport block feature do?

  • Which best describes the advantages of L2VPN vs. L3VPN?

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