350-027 CCIE Written Metro Ethernet (Exam 7)

350-027 CCIE Written Metro Ethernet (Exam 7)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Click the Exhibit button. CE1 and CE2 are routers connected through PE1 and PE2 us...

  • A network administrator is using debug commands to check the performance of a netw...

  • Every time a typing mistake is made at the exec prompt of a router, the message fr...

  • After OSPF is defined on a broadcast medium, the network administrator now wants a...

  • What command is used send pseudowire traffic over an MPLS-TE tunnel?

  • Click the Exhibit button. What is true about this configuration?

  • MPLS does not support:

  • What does NOT contribute to lowered throughput in practical IP over ATM networks?

  • What is true regarding Policing for Frame Relay to Ethernet IW PW?

  • What technology is used for Point to Multipoint Ethernet?

  • What statement is correct regarding Virtual LANs (VLANs)?

  • In a Distance Vector protocol, "counting to infinity":

  • A router interface address is with a mask of What co...

  • What is an Inter Switch Link (ISL)?

  • Click the Exhibit button to view the topology. What mechanism should be employed t...

  • In MPLS what is an LSP?

  • What command makes it possible to run MPLS/LDP in secure mode between P and PE?

  • Why is the Frame Check Sequence (FCS) used in Frame Relay?

  • IEEE 802.1D describes a method to prevent the disconnection of a single end statio...

  • What protocol is used to exchange control information between active and standby s...

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