350-029 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam (Exam 13)

350-029 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam (Exam 13)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which BGP attribute can be used to influence inbound traffic flow?

  • Which three configuration options are available for configuring the l2tp-class com...

  • Refer to the exhibit. The SP network is configuring Remote Filtering to protect ho...

  • What does the protocol field inside the PPP frame indicate?

  • What is the port number of the IPsec Authentication Header packet?

  • Which three statements about the BGP next-hop attribute are true? (Choose three.)

  • (Topic 7)Where is the MPLS label imposed?

  • Which four of these key points should be considered during implementation of PPPoA...

  • Which two statements about forwarding equivalence class (FEC) are true? (Choose two)

  • Refer to the exhibit.Which router is the DIS?

  • Which two features must be configured to perform AToM NSF? (Choose two)

  • Refer to the exhibit. Which two configurations are shown? (Choose two)

  • Which statements about the Route Target Rewrite feature are not true? (Choose two.)

  • Which statement about PIM sparse mode operations is true?

  • Which four statements about NetFlow are true? (Choose four.)

  • Which three statements about OSPF partial SPF are true? (Choose three)

  • Which Cisco IOS command displays the export VPN route target value of a VRF?

  • Which router or router combination is used to calculate the MPLS traffic engineeri...

  • Which statement about MPLS TE Fast Reroute (FRR) link protection operation is not ...

  • Which two statements about the bgp deterministic-med and bgp always-compare-med co...

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