350-029 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam (Exam 15)

350-029 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam (Exam 15)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • In optical channel transport unit overhead (OTU OH), what are general communicatio...

  • All secure domain routers (SDRs) have shared attributes and resources.Which three ...

  • Which four of these are MPLS label header fields? (Choose four.)

  • Which three IS-IS TLVs are used to support MPLS traffic engineering? (Choose three).

  • In which two ways does the BGP graceful restart capability preserve prefix informa...

  • Which statement about the Link Control Protocol (LCP) is true?

  • Which three statements about the Route Distinguisher (RD) are true? (Choose three.)

  • What is the typical marked DSCP value for a voice media packet in Voice over IP te...

  • When provisioning for Interactive-Video(e,g,video conferencing traffic)which three...

  • In the Inter-AS VPN deployment shown in the diagram, what is the Next Hop address ...

  • Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (Urpf ) can work in the following modes:

  • Which of the following ATOM traffic encapsulations require the use of a Control Word?

  • What IOS commands display MPLS label mapping on an LSR?

  • Select the 3 best answers describing operation and configuration of Frame-Relay In...

  • Which command will display the MPLS label binding for IP prefix on the rou...

  • If the OSPF protocol is used to connect customer edge (CE) routers to service prov...

  • Assume two routers on the same subnet, R1 and R2, both configured for HSRP. R1 has...

  • If two routers, both reachable from one another, originate functionally equivalent...

  • What are BCP 38 (Best Common Practices 38)/RFC 2827 Ingress Packet Filtering Princ...

  • Using more than one label on a single packet is required in what context?

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