350-029 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam (Exam 24)

350-029 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam (Exam 24)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • In which modes does selective packet discard(SPD)operate?(choose3)

  • Which two statements about 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GE) are true? (Choose two.)

  • Which three of these statements about PPPoE are true? (Choose three)

  • Which router or router combination is used to calculate the MPLS traffic engineeri...

  • In which two ways does the BGP graceful restart capability preserve prefix informa...

  • (Topic 1)IP over DWDM management models (Choose two.)

  • CRS-1 single shelf maximum capacities?

  • What three major tasks are performed by a Designated Intermediate System in an ISI...

  • What bit should be set in the link state PDUs in an IS-IS level-1-2 router to indi...

  • How do routers in an IS-IS Level-1 domain exit to reach other Level-1 domains? (Ch...

  • Which three statements about OSPF partial SPF are true? (Choose three)

  • Which statement about OSPF ASBR summary LSA is true?

  • Which statement about OSPF authentication is true?

  • The OSPF External LSA for prefix x.x.x.x exists in the OSPF database, but the pref...

  • With EIGRP DUAL, a feasible successor is considered loop-free if which condition i...

  • RIPv2 differs from RIPv1 in which three things? (Choose three).

  • What is the action of "pop" in the context of MPLS switching?

  • Based on the following output in a router A running LDP, which statement is true?R...

  • (Topic 1)Which 4 statements regarding MPLS Label Stack Encoding is true?

  • Based on the following output in R1, which statement is truE.R1#show mpls forwardi...

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