350-029 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam (Exam 3)

350-029 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What is true regarding Autonomous Systems (AS )?

  • Which of the following statements is correct regarding PIM Sparse Mode operations?

  • When IPv6 is deployed by a Service Provider to bring on an IPv6 Enterprise, which ...

  • How many token buckets are needed to support a multi-actions policer that meters c...

  • Which two statements are TRUE ?

  • Select the statement that best describes ??? The cure for Amplification Principle ...

  • VoIP bearer traffic is typically marked to which DSCP value ?

  • Select the three best answers which best describe Private Network-to Network Inter...

  • How would you characterize the source and type in a Denial of Service attack on a ...

  • The ASBR-summary LSA is :

  • What is used as label in cell-based MPLS ?

  • What best describes the usage of Route-Target rewrite?

  • The show ip ospf database external command displays information about which OSPF L...

  • A Successor is:

  • What is the default SPF throuttle timer in OSPF?

  • A network administrator wants to detect a login attack against a router. What IOS ...

  • The mechanisms for distributing LDP are:

  • (Topic 6)Which of the following statements regarding Control Plane Policing (CoPP)...

  • In which of the following lists of APS Action Requests is the priority correctly a...

  • In the context of MPLS Traffic engineering, TE path calculation is conducted by:

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